23 June 2017

DIY || Lettuce hem/frilled off the shoulder top

Old Sweater/Ribbed Jumper
Sewing Machine or Overlocker
Tape Measure

Find an old ribbed jumper or sweater, Its very important to use a ribbed one so you can achieve a top very close to the one your favourite Instagram model or blogger has on.

Cut sleeves off jumper and use tape measure to measure the length you want your top to be, mark it with chalk and cut.

Cut off excess fabric on the shoulder part of sleeves and also at the wrist in order to create frilled hem/lettuce hem.

This is where the fun begins. So we have the unintentional frayed hem created by cutting the fabric.
Pull along the hem to make sure the fabric curls up even more than it already has and grab your over locker or sewing machine and get to work.
Life is much easier with an over locker as it pretty much does all the work for you, but for those of you like me who don't own an over locker there's another option.
Thread and set your sewing machine to a zig zag stitch of your choice but make sure its around the same size an over locker stitch would look like and proceed to stitch very close to the edges of the fabric while pulling each side to create the desired frills.
Repeat this process on all the edges and pin sleeves to middle bit and stitch in the shape of a semi circle to give enough room for arm movement and there you have it!!
A great diy project that will make you look popping just like your favourite Instagram model without spending ££.

Love, Rie.

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