12 May 2017

I don't even like pink

Top - H&M
Dungarees - River Island
Bag - River Island
Trainers - Adidas

Hey Guys,
I know its been long but i'm not going to bore you with apologies. 
It was a much needed break and I'm happy to say with the help of a self help book, I'm back on the right path and i'll be sure to write a review of this book when i'm done with it.
On another note, as you can tell from the title, I've never been a fan of pink. Any shade of pink is a no no. Or should I say, used to be a no no. 
I've been getting over my random hate for anything pink and its somehow growing on me! How weird?

I'm so here for here for the layered sleeves, ruffled sleeves and wide sleeve trend. Fabric manipulation has always had my heart. It has the ability to turn a boring outfit or garment into something extra interesting and POPPING!
I was going for a casual look so I paired them with some black denim skirt dungarees and trainers of course. Trainers scream casual and comfy and my chic pink velvet bag from River Island.

Also guys, can we talk about how everyone is embracing their inner African princess with these amazing corn rows with beads!! I'm absolutely loving it and of course, I had to try it myself. I mean, I finished at 5am but it was definitely worth it and it looks like i'll be rocking them all summer.

I'm excited to be back, I'm excited for new beginnings and I'm excited to see what the world has in store for me.

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