23 July 2017

Chill day in Shoreditch

Hat - Travis Scott Merch
Top - Bershka
Jeans - River Island
Sandals - Bonova
Bag - New Look

Hey Guys,

In reference to the title of this post, my day was quite the opposite. It pretty much consisted of everything that could've gone wrong. You know, one of those not-today-satan days.

I mean, everything down to my lunch went wrong. I decided to try a vegan place we stumbled on in box park. The photos looked amazing! It was probably naive of us to think our bowl of vegan full English and noodles and tofu in black bean sauce would come out looking exactly like the photos on the wall.Noodles and tofu in black bean sauce is literally my go to Chinese takeaway so I wasn't fussed. Imagine my horror when every vegetable I've hated since childhood was included in that bowl of food. NIGHTMARE! Cabbages, cauliflower and okro. Ew.

In addition to this already horrible day, I somehow ended up becoming a social experiment which I should've vlogged but who knew men didn't know women had nipples until they saw me???
It was a pretty fascinating experience. I had a guy look at me then look back to his friends and say "JESUS! DID YOU SEE THAT???" out loud of course. I laughed.Their reactions were mixed, some couldn't take their eyes off and some were just amused. No, I don't have some enormous nipples that are hard to miss but I also don't think my refusal to wear a bra should cause that much attention.It's like these men forgot we all have nipples and I was some strange girl walking down Oxford street who magically grew a pair.

Nipples are not sexual organs. Their main purpose in women are for breastfeeding and we all have them but society(probably men lets face it) have sexualized it and now men think me walking down the street with my nipples visible in my top is the equivalent to walking around with my balls hanging.

I'm sorry these people feel this way but as someone who has asthma and deals with tightness in the chest frequently, I'm not gonna wear a bra just to make you comfortable.

On that note, #FREETHENIPPLE


16 July 2017

Things that make me happy; picnics

Bralet - Green Treat via TK Maxx
Trousers - Bershka
Kimono - Fashion Union
Choker - H&M
Sandals - H&M
Sunglasses - Vintage via Vintage Emporium

Hey Guys,
I've never been one to appreciate nature and all it has to offer like others usually do but you know, people change and I've become that person who's camera roll is filled with photos of the sky and sunset. There's just something about being around nature that makes you so calm and relaxed. Good vibes and a cute picnic is my idea of a great day out.

Considering how hot this day was, it was quite silly of me to wear black but a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do for fashion.
The bralet I have on is literally one of my favourites ever. It's cotton and by a company called Green treat and its the softest and most comfortable bralet I own. I decided to pair it with my favourite slit trousers from Bershka with a pop of colour as I'm not exactly an all black everything kinda girl.



23 June 2017

DIY || Lettuce hem/frilled off the shoulder top

Old Sweater/Ribbed Jumper
Sewing Machine or Overlocker
Tape Measure

Find an old ribbed jumper or sweater, Its very important to use a ribbed one so you can achieve a top very close to the one your favourite Instagram model or blogger has on.

Cut sleeves off jumper and use tape measure to measure the length you want your top to be, mark it with chalk and cut.

Cut off excess fabric on the shoulder part of sleeves and also at the wrist in order to create frilled hem/lettuce hem.

This is where the fun begins. So we have the unintentional frayed hem created by cutting the fabric.
Pull along the hem to make sure the fabric curls up even more than it already has and grab your over locker or sewing machine and get to work.
Life is much easier with an over locker as it pretty much does all the work for you, but for those of you like me who don't own an over locker there's another option.
Thread and set your sewing machine to a zig zag stitch of your choice but make sure its around the same size an over locker stitch would look like and proceed to stitch very close to the edges of the fabric while pulling each side to create the desired frills.
Repeat this process on all the edges and pin sleeves to middle bit and stitch in the shape of a semi circle to give enough room for arm movement and there you have it!!
A great diy project that will make you look popping just like your favourite Instagram model without spending ££.

Love, Rie.


12 May 2017

I don't even like pink

Top - H&M
Dungarees - River Island
Bag - River Island
Trainers - Adidas

Hey Guys,
I know its been long but i'm not going to bore you with apologies. 
It was a much needed break and I'm happy to say with the help of a self help book, I'm back on the right path and i'll be sure to write a review of this book when i'm done with it.
On another note, as you can tell from the title, I've never been a fan of pink. Any shade of pink is a no no. Or should I say, used to be a no no. 
I've been getting over my random hate for anything pink and its somehow growing on me! How weird?

I'm so here for here for the layered sleeves, ruffled sleeves and wide sleeve trend. Fabric manipulation has always had my heart. It has the ability to turn a boring outfit or garment into something extra interesting and POPPING!
I was going for a casual look so I paired them with some black denim skirt dungarees and trainers of course. Trainers scream casual and comfy and my chic pink velvet bag from River Island.

Also guys, can we talk about how everyone is embracing their inner African princess with these amazing corn rows with beads!! I'm absolutely loving it and of course, I had to try it myself. I mean, I finished at 5am but it was definitely worth it and it looks like i'll be rocking them all summer.

I'm excited to be back, I'm excited for new beginnings and I'm excited to see what the world has in store for me.

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