23 September 2016

Current beauty favourites

Hey Guys,
On 3rd October 2015, I purchased the NYX gotcha covered concealer after I found out Boots decided to stock NYX products. Its been almost a year and I can honestly say, this small tube has lasted so long. I recently repurchased another tube even though I haven't run out yet. They have the best shades and its so easy to blend and guess what? ITS WATERPROOF! Also on the topic of makeup, I came across this makeup brand called W7 and picked up their loose powder. I needed a new setting powder and was thinking about the Laura Mercier one because, well, I want to know if the hype is real but finding this saved me a whole lot of £££. It also comes with a brush but who uses brushes that come with makeup these days anyway?

I've been breaking out so much and I have no idea why. I even considered going back on Maca root capsules from Holland and Barrett to regulate my hormones. I haven't been exfoliating as much as I should...well, I haven't been exfoliating at all but breaking out made me find my African black soap so fast LOL and also purchase a face mask/wash which I will review later. I popped up to find a new skincare product and ended up purchasing this toner. This is the first time I've use any seaweed skincare product. I do love my seaweed soup though. Anyway, I lost my Garnier toner somewhere in this house and I didn't notice for weeks! Shows how I haven't been following my skincare routine.
It doesn't smell as strong as I expected, Its also Alcohol-free and I normally use it after removing my makeup or after exfoliating and for a product that is alcohol-free, it does sting sometimes.

Another natural beauty product I absolutely love is the Dr. Organic Vitamin E Deodorant. I have sensitive underarms and shaving and my skin doesn't mix. At all. Neither does your favourite deodorant which is full of chemicals. This deodorant is Paraben free and contains no artificial fragrances or harsh preservatives and it smells so good guys. Its not a strong smell. It just smells natural. Its also Alcohol-free which is another plus.

Last but not least, I have natural hair. 4c I think and its so difficult to find products that work because well, its England and there weren't hair products that were made for black women .....until now. Thank God Boots has started stocking some American brands that make hair products for black women. I tried my luck on Aussie and it worked so well with my hair! Surprisingly. I've been dealing with dry hair and scalp for a while and realised I needed a good leave in conditioner. It smells like bubblegum and I love anything bubblegum. Ice-cream, hair product etc.



13 September 2016

Maroon has my heart

Kimono top - River Island
Boots - River Island
Socks - River Island
Jewellery - H&M
Skirt - H&M

*cue apology*

Hey Guys,
I know I've been MIA but its Virgo season and the month of fashion and I'm back! I've been unusually excited for Autumn this year and that was my inspiration behind this outfit choice but to my surprise, it's been the hottest September since 1911. How crazy is that?

I absolutely love statement pieces like my fringe leather skirt. I am so here for the fringe trend and decided to the one thing that screams Autumn. Any colour close to burgundy and maroon. Pairing it with the fringe skirt created more layers which I love love love! I decide to keep the jewellery minimal, which is very unlike me.I just didn't want to take a lot from the fringe and kimono.

I cannot wait to share a collaboration with Enny from vanillenoire very soon and post more frequently of course.


Photos : Marianne Paul
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