18 July 2016

Strawberry and Ginger beer ice tea (non-alcoholic)

I'm a huge fan of tea in general. You can never go wrong with a honeydew melon bubble tea or peach flavoured ice tea.
I never had the opportunity to actually make it myself because let's face it, it's not exactly that difficult. Thanks to boredom and this crazy heat the British weather has bestowed upon us, I needed something cool and refreshing to get through my day.

Tea of choice
Strawberry sugar
Fresh strawberries
Ice cubes
Ginger beer

Side note: Ginger beer isn't alcoholic.

I had some leftover strawberry candy floss sugar from a candy floss maker I once had.
Make a cup or 2 of tea of your choice.
Mix sugar while it's hot to make it melt in tea.
Place tea in fridge/freezer to cool down fast or if you have enough time just leave it on the side while you go about your day.
When tea has cooled down, pour a small amount of ginger beer in it.
Cut some fresh strawberries in half and put in glass, alongside ice cubes.
Pour ice tea over ice cubes and strawberries and drink immediately or refrigerate again to infuse strawberries.
And there you go, you've made your own strawberry and ginger beer ice tea.



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