31 July 2016

Flares are back!

Denim top - New look
Flare jeans - H&M
Bralet - H&M
Sandals - TK Maxx

Hey Guys,
Hope everyone's enjoying the beautiful weather before it vanishes.
Never in a million did I think I would buy a pair of flare jeans, let alone, wear it and actually love it. I stumbled on so many flare jeans at H&M and I immediately fell in love. I actually forgot about them until this whole denim obsession phase started and i'm just as in love with it as I was when I first purchased it.
It has beautiful gold details which I absolutely love! I'm a huge fan of all things gold and well, lets face it, I'm from the Gold Coast so its only right that I love all things gold.

I paired it with this denim top I also found hidden in my closet. I need to go treasure hunting in my closet for real. I embellished the collar with silver studs about 4 years ago when studs were popping! I still love it and I decided to add more details by wearing a blue lace bralet. I knew I had a lot going on so i kept the makeup and jewellery minimal.


22 July 2016

Denim is a way of life

Untitled #146

Denim dress - Waven
Shoes - TK Maxx
Circle Minimal Bangle - H&M
Rectangle Minimal Bangle - Topshop

Hey guys, 
For some reason I've only recently discovered how beautiful denim can be. I grew up wearing jeans all the time but as I got older, I hated it as they were restrictive and always opted for leggings and a recent invention, jeggings.

I came across this brand focusing on all things denim and this dress stole my heart. I tried to find reasons why I shouldn't purchase it but that clearly failed. It's honestly one of the best things I've purchased this year. Decided to pair it with my red lace ups because denim looks so beautiful with reds and to make it a casual look, I also paired it with a black mini backpack.



18 July 2016

Strawberry and Ginger beer ice tea (non-alcoholic)

I'm a huge fan of tea in general. You can never go wrong with a honeydew melon bubble tea or peach flavoured ice tea.
I never had the opportunity to actually make it myself because let's face it, it's not exactly that difficult. Thanks to boredom and this crazy heat the British weather has bestowed upon us, I needed something cool and refreshing to get through my day.

Tea of choice
Strawberry sugar
Fresh strawberries
Ice cubes
Ginger beer

Side note: Ginger beer isn't alcoholic.

I had some leftover strawberry candy floss sugar from a candy floss maker I once had.
Make a cup or 2 of tea of your choice.
Mix sugar while it's hot to make it melt in tea.
Place tea in fridge/freezer to cool down fast or if you have enough time just leave it on the side while you go about your day.
When tea has cooled down, pour a small amount of ginger beer in it.
Cut some fresh strawberries in half and put in glass, alongside ice cubes.
Pour ice tea over ice cubes and strawberries and drink immediately or refrigerate again to infuse strawberries.
And there you go, you've made your own strawberry and ginger beer ice tea.



10 July 2016


Hey Guys!
I recently went to see the amazing Kohh. Everyone on social media is crying about their edges being snatched by Bey and Rih and I'm here trying to re evaluate my life after seeing Kohh.
A while back, a very good friend of mine tagged me in a video of the song, IT G MA by Keith Ape, featuring JayAllday, Loota, Okasian and Kohh. That's how my love for Japanese Hip hop/Trap begun and finding out Kohh was performing in London for the first time was probably the best thing that could happen to me all year!

I turned up to his show alone and I still had the time of my life! Made so many friends who are obviously fans of Kohh, considering none of my friends are. House of Pharaohs played their set for about 3 hours and that was my first time even hearing about them but I've become a big fan of theirs too. Kohh finally came on stage.I screamed my guts out of course. It was a beautiful experience. Threw my camera in the crowd twice, my face was soaking wet with alcohol and water which wasn't mine but I still made it out alive lol. Overall, it was LIT. 

Two days later he held his album launch party at Hoxton Gallery and guess who was there? That's right. Me! Ended up going with a fan I met on twitter. The atmosphere and vibes were really chill. Free drinks. Snacks. We could customise printed out photos of the cover of his 3rd album, DIRT II with marker pens made available and also had the chance to stick them all over walls.
No one thought Kohh was going to turn up as he had been in Paris the day before performing. Few hours later, there he was, in the midst of us, drinking and vibing to his own music. He also ended up performing....RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Then....He jumped. In front of me. I lost it guys. I screamed for at least 5 seconds before snapping out of it. Ended up dancing with him too. Never in a million years did I think I'd see IT G MA performed live twice, in the space of days. 
Being a fan of Kohh and Asian rap made me realise that anyone could enjoy or vibe with music. It doesn't matter if the person sings or raps in a language you don't speak. As long as you vibe with it, that's enough.

Shoutout to my manager for letting me leave work an hour early to make all these memories.

Love, Rie

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