22 May 2016


INGREDIENTS - Apples, Bananas, Kiwi, Grapes, Mango, Cucumber, Flax seeds, Lime juice, Pumpkin, Flax seeds and Spirulina extract.

Guess who's back back back?
I'm so sorry I've been MIA after I said I'll be consistent with my posts but life happened and like you all know, Life has no pre warnings. You have to deal with it as it comes.

A part of me hopes this post could write itself so I can go have dinner. That yam and egg stew won't wait for me.
PS. If you're not African/Caribbean and don't know what yam is, please Google it and when you visit your nearest grocery store, pick one up and you'll never look back.

Ok. Back to the matter, After that Banana-less smoothie in the previous Green Juice Sundays post, I needed my banana fix and came across this large kiwi smoothie and I couldn't resist.
I would say, this is the type of smoothie I would usually go for and could probably drink for an entire week. I'm not a fan of mango juice but it wasn't detectable.
Every ingredient was in the right amount and definitely didn't overpower each other.
I know its probably too early to say this, but guys, this is my favourite store bought green smoothie so far.
Don't forget to let me know which green smoothies you've tried and if you liked it or not.


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