1 May 2016

Green Juice Sundays - Avocado Smoothie

Happy new month guys!!! 

I have always been a fan of trying new things and after recovering from a 2 week long battle with a cold and chest infection I've been doing everything possible to feel and become healthy again. I've had occasional juice cleanses and people always had so may questions about what it tasted like, considering the false views people had about green juice basically tasting like grass and horrible in general. I've decided to dedicate Sundays to reviewing all the green juices/smoothies I try, either home made or store bought and I promise to give my honest opinion on them and try my best not to be bias even if they have all my favourite things in them.

Hopefully, this is going to change minds about how bad green juice apparently is and make people confident enough to try them or add them to their current diet plan. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the most healthy person on the planet but green juices provide me with the nutrients and vitamins I usually don't get.

I'm just going to dive straight into how and why I ended up drinking an Avocado smoothie. I popped into my local M&S to grab their Apple (Asparagus and Lemon) juice but somehow I got distracted and ending up finding the Avocado (Cucumber, Lime, Apple and Pear) smoothie. Honestly, all I saw was "Avocado" and Lord knows how fast I grabbed it! It was about £2.20 I think.

Rewind back to about 2 weeks earlier, I came across a Buzzfeed video on twitter about people trying Avocado smoothies. Watch that right here --->> Buzzfeed video - People try avocado smoothies . I love Avocados. I grew up eating them and my special sandwich has Avocado in it. After watching that video, I had always wondered what Avocado smoothies really tasted like they claimed.

I had about 5 people smell it and at least one person said it smelt like grass and cucumber. I can honestly say, the lime slightly overpowers it and that's the first thing I noticed. The apple and pear also compliment it perfectly and the Avocado overall plays a huge part in the thickness and consistency of the smoothie. If someone told you to close your eyes and have a sip there was no way you would know you were drinking an Avocado smoothie. Its very smooth and filling and its the perfect candidate for a juice cleanse for those who are worried about still feeling hungry during the cleanse.


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