31 May 2016

How to - Socks and Sliders

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Stance seamless socks, £8.79 / Adidas Originals striped socks / HUF tie-dye socks, £8.24 / Stance socks, £9.62 / Monki sports socks, £4.59 / Chicnova Fashion cotton socks, £2.75 / BUSCEMI leather shoes, £270 / Birkenstock flat shoes, £86 / Adidas Originals white shoes, £65 / FitFlop silver sandals, £48 / Asos shoes, £27 / Blue sandals


Do you all remember a time when you did or wore something and got the worst reaction ever and almost everyone told you how much of a taboo it was? Yeh. I've been there.
I remember turning up at work wearing black and white Huf socks with silver sliders and oh God, if only looks could kill. Now socks with sliders and socks with sandals is a thing(trend) and everyone's jumped on it.

Do not let anyone else tell you that what you feel comfortable in is ugly or a "taboo".
Listening to the opinions of irrelevant people is the worst mistake you could ever make. 
As long as you are comfortable and feel good in it then wear it!(Even if it's menswear)


30 May 2016

Green used to be my favourite colour

Vest - Primark
Cardigan - Next
Choker - Handmade

Hey Guys, 
Hope everyone's well and enjoying the on and off summer we're currently experiencing. I had so many plans for today but no, the weather had different plans and decided not to co operate as usual.

I recently found this studded skirt I've had for about 4 years and forgot about and the weather was looking 1hunnit (100%) so I was like why not? Had to throw on a cardigan of course because y'all know how this British weather is. I honestly have no recollection of where I purchased the skirt but I came across a very similar one and have posted links below.

I decided that as there's so much going on with the skirt I'd pair it with a basic cami to keep the attention on the skirt. I'm not exactly a maximalist, or maybe I am lol but I do know I am far from a minimalist. And of course, I had to style them with trainers for a more casual look. Y'all know I love my trainers. I don't care how "dressy" a dress is, I'll 100% style it with trainers at least once or twice.



29 May 2016

Green Juice Sundays - Cucumber & Lemon Juice

Happy Last Sunday of the month guys, Hope everyone is well considering its a 4 day weekend.
This is probably the last edition of Green Juice Sundays, not ever. Just for now.
There's so much to do in the upcoming month and I cannot wait to share it with you all. 

About this green juice. I usually go for juice with more than 3 ingredients in it but this time, this grabbed my attention and my curiosity got the best of me.
I would say, I had no idea of what it would taste in my head and honestly, that's the best way to tackle new foods or drinks because you don't end up disappointed.

This is probably one of the most refreshing drinks I've ever tried. Yes, it does smell and taste like cucumber but its not exactly a bad thing.
It has the consistency of water and the lemon in it is perfectly balanced and I wish I tried it with some ice cubes like it states on the label. It would've made it way better than it already is.


OOTD - Tommy


22 May 2016


INGREDIENTS - Apples, Bananas, Kiwi, Grapes, Mango, Cucumber, Flax seeds, Lime juice, Pumpkin, Flax seeds and Spirulina extract.

Guess who's back back back?
I'm so sorry I've been MIA after I said I'll be consistent with my posts but life happened and like you all know, Life has no pre warnings. You have to deal with it as it comes.

A part of me hopes this post could write itself so I can go have dinner. That yam and egg stew won't wait for me.
PS. If you're not African/Caribbean and don't know what yam is, please Google it and when you visit your nearest grocery store, pick one up and you'll never look back.

Ok. Back to the matter, After that Banana-less smoothie in the previous Green Juice Sundays post, I needed my banana fix and came across this large kiwi smoothie and I couldn't resist.
I would say, this is the type of smoothie I would usually go for and could probably drink for an entire week. I'm not a fan of mango juice but it wasn't detectable.
Every ingredient was in the right amount and definitely didn't overpower each other.
I know its probably too early to say this, but guys, this is my favourite store bought green smoothie so far.
Don't forget to let me know which green smoothies you've tried and if you liked it or not.


11 May 2016

7chanceux X Dxpechef

Shirt - Dxpechef
Leggings - River Island
Trainers - Adidas
Earrings - H&M

Guys, I honestly can't get enough of this beautiful weather we've been blessed with at the moment. I stepped outside in just a T shirt and didn't live to regret it. Can you imagine? 
I absolutely love menswear labels and my love for men's t shirts is growing. I recently came across this dope chef Tee and I mean, it had to join my family of menswear. I styled with some detailed faux leather leggings to give it that street wear edge it so deserves.

As always, I would love to hear some feedback.


8 May 2016

Green Juice Sundays - Kiwi, Apple and Lime juice

INGREDIENTS - Pineapple, Kiwi, Apple, Lime, Grapes, Pumpkin and Spirulina extract

Damn, Marie back again with the green juice!

Hey guys, I'm back with another store bought green juice/ smoothie and first of all, why would anyone want banana free juice or smoothies? Bananas are the best things ever and I love the influence it has on the consistency of a smoothie.

Another thing I've noticed with green juice or smoothies is that they usually contain many more ingredients than the ones stated at the front of that bottle. Always make sure you read the back just in case you're allergic to other ingredients they used.Even though this green juice is said to contain kiwis, apples and lime, it also contains pineapples(which I hate) , grapes and a dash of pumpkin and spirulina extract.

*Searches "what is spirulina extract" on Google*

Ok, so I just found out that Spirulina is a form of algae used as a dietary supplement which also provides amino acids to both humans and animals. I learn something new everyday. About the overall taste, it wasn't smooth. It had bits in it which I cannot stand at all. People who drink orange juice with bits yeh, I don't even know what to call y'all lol. I think its a good start-up juice if you're just getting into the whole green juice thing but personally, its not a favourite because its too acidic and has bits and that's where the line is crossed. You can find this at any supermarket or corner store I believe, for under £2 which probably isn't worth it for is size.

Happy Green Juice Sunday, make sure you enjoy the sun and have an amazing week.

1 May 2016

90s Bomber Jacket

Jacket - Thrift
Dress - River Island
Shoes - Newlook
Socks - Tommy hilfiger

Hey Guys,
The weather has been so beautiful recently and I just can't wait to spam y'all with more posts lol jks (Low key not joking). I'm just so happy when the sun is out and I mean, everyone hates jacket weather!
I stumbled on this vintage bomber and I just had to have it. Even though my jacket collection is growing at such an alarming rate. I feel no shame at all for adding to the collection even at its current state.
I'm also a big fan of bodycon dresses or obvious reasons. If you've got it, flaunt it. There's no harm in showing the world that nice body you have underneath all the long line XL shirts....in my case. Even though its a bit warm outside now, it does get windy and chilly sometimes so why not pair a boring, plain midi bodycon dress with a maximal jacket to make it pop...severely! LOL it had to be done. Sorry not sorry.



Green Juice Sundays - Avocado Smoothie

Happy new month guys!!! 

I have always been a fan of trying new things and after recovering from a 2 week long battle with a cold and chest infection I've been doing everything possible to feel and become healthy again. I've had occasional juice cleanses and people always had so may questions about what it tasted like, considering the false views people had about green juice basically tasting like grass and horrible in general. I've decided to dedicate Sundays to reviewing all the green juices/smoothies I try, either home made or store bought and I promise to give my honest opinion on them and try my best not to be bias even if they have all my favourite things in them.

Hopefully, this is going to change minds about how bad green juice apparently is and make people confident enough to try them or add them to their current diet plan. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the most healthy person on the planet but green juices provide me with the nutrients and vitamins I usually don't get.

I'm just going to dive straight into how and why I ended up drinking an Avocado smoothie. I popped into my local M&S to grab their Apple (Asparagus and Lemon) juice but somehow I got distracted and ending up finding the Avocado (Cucumber, Lime, Apple and Pear) smoothie. Honestly, all I saw was "Avocado" and Lord knows how fast I grabbed it! It was about £2.20 I think.

Rewind back to about 2 weeks earlier, I came across a Buzzfeed video on twitter about people trying Avocado smoothies. Watch that right here --->> Buzzfeed video - People try avocado smoothies . I love Avocados. I grew up eating them and my special sandwich has Avocado in it. After watching that video, I had always wondered what Avocado smoothies really tasted like they claimed.

I had about 5 people smell it and at least one person said it smelt like grass and cucumber. I can honestly say, the lime slightly overpowers it and that's the first thing I noticed. The apple and pear also compliment it perfectly and the Avocado overall plays a huge part in the thickness and consistency of the smoothie. If someone told you to close your eyes and have a sip there was no way you would know you were drinking an Avocado smoothie. Its very smooth and filling and its the perfect candidate for a juice cleanse for those who are worried about still feeling hungry during the cleanse.

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