22 April 2016

The slip dress

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Hey Guys,
I'm so happy to be posting again. I've been feeling so unwell but spring has sprung and the beautiful weather has had such a positive effect on me. I'm loving it! I'm currently watching the show Medical Detectives also and that has me in a great mood too.

I've been loving celebs in slip dresses this season, From Rihanna to Kylie, Kendall and even Kim. Even though I feel like a slip dress isn't exactly the normal style we see Kim in. She tried to make it hers and I guess she deserves credit for that.

I didn't want to style it with a T shirt like everyone else so the next best thing was this off-the-shoulder top I've been in love with for so long. The entire ensemble was so comfortable and the weather was so perfect (as you can see). I wore two black chokers to add to the goth vibe and a little hint of sporty by adding my white Adidas socks to the mix.

Feedback is always welcome guys.



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