26 April 2016

Natural hair chit chat & Confession


I know, I know, I betrayed my natural hair sisters and I feel bad but...... I feel good about it too lol.
I spent the day relaxing my mum's hair and after seeing there was some relaxer cream left over, an idea popped into my head and I knew at one point in my life I had come across a natural hair female relaxing her edges on YouTube.

I can't even lie, I was so nervous. I currently have braids in and my edges were looking a hot mess. I had also run out of my favourite edge control buy Dr. Miracle and that was enough reason to make me relax my edges. I left it on for less than 10 mins and I was panicking the whole time! I went from telling my mum I can't believe she has all these chemicals on her hair to "oooh. I want my edges laid too".

Those long minutes passes and I just had to wash it ASAP. At this point I didn't even care if my edges weren't relaxed. I just wanted it out. All I can say is that the entire process of relaxing my edges was an emotional roller coaster. I finally shampooed my edges and looked up and y'all!!! The smile on my face was enormous! My edges were LAID and I had no product in them.

Now all I do to get my edges on fleek is by dipping my toothbrush (YES. Toothbrush specifically for laying edges) into my Morgan's pomade and slicking it down instead of the long process of using my edge control and leaving my silk scarf on for about 10 mins while I do my make-up.

One thing I've noticed however, is that the colour of my edges look lighter compared to the rest of my hair which kinda sucks. I guess the chemicals were a bit harsh on my hair colour. It doesn't bother me a lot but I still hate that I noticed it. Honestly, I would probably do it again because I mean, who doesn't want their 4C edges to be laid 24/7? I know I do.


22 April 2016

The slip dress

Untitled #80

Hey Guys,
I'm so happy to be posting again. I've been feeling so unwell but spring has sprung and the beautiful weather has had such a positive effect on me. I'm loving it! I'm currently watching the show Medical Detectives also and that has me in a great mood too.

I've been loving celebs in slip dresses this season, From Rihanna to Kylie, Kendall and even Kim. Even though I feel like a slip dress isn't exactly the normal style we see Kim in. She tried to make it hers and I guess she deserves credit for that.

I didn't want to style it with a T shirt like everyone else so the next best thing was this off-the-shoulder top I've been in love with for so long. The entire ensemble was so comfortable and the weather was so perfect (as you can see). I wore two black chokers to add to the goth vibe and a little hint of sporty by adding my white Adidas socks to the mix.

Feedback is always welcome guys.



8 April 2016

Styling bob box braids

Hey guys, Hope everyone's great.
I've been seeing bob box braids everywhere and decided to try them. I watched a few youtube videos and most people had to braid their nape as the braids at the back had to be short to achieve the bob and guess what? I had my nape shaved so the new growth was the right length for me to try the bob box braids. It took me about 7 hours lol and I used 2 packs of hair extensions and even had a tiny bit left. I also used a lighter to burn the tips which was the worst! You can use a candle too whichever works best for you.
I also realised most pictures I saw of people with bob braids didn't actually have a variety of styling. 
There's so much you can do with it. It's a great protective style. It's versatile and it's the ultimate 90's baby hairstyle.

Ps: Bubble tea is the best drink on the planet. After Guava juice of course!


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