20 February 2016

Hair Product Review : Morgan's pomade

I'm always on the look out for new products to use for my natural hair and couldn't be anymore excited when my mum came home with this product.
I will always connect the scent with my grandmother as she loved to use it. I never did because I saw it as more of a grown up product and of course the box clearly states that it darkens grey hair and that's more common with older people.
I honestly didn't even think that it still existed but i guess some things will never go out of fashion like, Marmite. Ew
Ok so, I did the usual, wash and deep condition which I hadn't done in so long due to having numerous protective styles and I kid you not, my hair was the softest i'd ever felt it.
It made it so much more easier to braid up in cornrows and I think this product is definitely going to be a staple. My first staple in fact. 


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