6 January 2016

7chanceux X Keith Haring

                                                                  Top - Keith Haring
Choker - Handmade
Earrings - H&M
Jeans - River Island
Sandals - Truffle Collection
Watch - Christin Lair
Rings - H&M

Can i just say, Keith Haring is(I don't talk about him in past tense because his work still lives on) undeniably an amazing artist and even though he's no longer around his work and style is still very recognisable and his social and political views still speak through them.

With that said, You cannot imagine how happy and extremely lucky i was to find this beautiful t shirt with his artwork on it.

I didn't want to take any attention off the artwork itself so i styled this with little colour. This shirt is definitely one of the best purchases i've ever made and of course, i jumped on another hype. The lace up sandal trend and considering how mild the weather has been, its not very much of a risk to take.


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