21 December 2015

How to style your braids or twists........ while growing out your undercut

 If you follow me on other social media platforms you will know that for summer i had an undercut (shown above). I wanted something different for summer and i was itching to get a haircut so i decided to get an undercut for the 2nd time in my life.
I've been trying to grow it out for a while now and i went on Youtube to find some hairstyle ideas that could help me conceal my growing undercut. Unfortunately i didn't find any videos on that. How disappointing!
I made an impromptu decision to do a protective style with some left over Marley hair, Blue Kanekalon hair and Yarn i had. It took me about 5 hours which i think is the shortest time i've spent doing my own hair. 
So yes, this is me helping anyone who can't think of how to hide that annoying half grown undercut. Most of these styles with be half up, half down because the main purpose here is to hide the undercut we're growing out.

Things you'll need:
Silk scarf
Edge control
Old toothbrush
Hair band

Grab your favourite edge control...mine happens to be the Dr. Miracle Edge control.
Apply it with an old toothbrush and tie your silk scarf around your head while you get on with whatever and don't forget to add some oils to your scalp too, especially if you have dry scalp.
I currently use coconut oil and Lord!!! That needs its own post. Just know that the hype is real!
I usually tie it around my head and get on with my makeup.Then take it off when i'm confident my edges are LAID!

This is literally my go to hairstyle.
All you need to do is divide your hair in half. Tie the top half with your hairband. Please don't use an elastic band!! Just don't!!!!
Twist the top half as your wrap it around itself and make sure the ends are tucked into the hair band so it doesn't unravel.

This next style is quite easy aswell, they're all easy actually. I usually don't like hair in my face or all over me so these styles help to keep it away from my face and i can just go about my day without having to flick my hair every second.
All you need to do is tie half up again and push it to the side or just leave it in the middle as it and literally just move it to the side.
Its such a nice, simple hair style i love and of course, its covering my undercut too which is great!

I created this hairstyle when i had faux yarn locs about a year ago and i realised it made them look so realistic. Its just a cool way to style braids or twists or even real locs.
Again, you need to part your braids or twists in 2 sections but this is where the style is created.
I usually like my hairband a bit tight so i go around it about 3 times. Depending on how many times you like to tie your hair up, just as you're about to pull your braids or twists out after the last tie...stop! So you have like a loop of braids or twists and normally everyone will pull it out to achieve a nice ponytail.
Drop the loops on both sides of your head and there you go!
I really hope i explained it in as much detail as i can.

 Last but not least, Part your twists in half again and tie the top half with your hairband.
Pull the braids or twists out and just part them to the sides of your head.
Its that simple! You can also tie the middle with a scarf to add some spice to it if you think its a bit too boring for you.

Goodluck trying these styles.

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