20 December 2015

Current Beauty Favourites for December : Featuring STILA

Concealer - Nyx
Lipgloss - H&M
Foundation - Stila
Ornaments - Next

Hey Guys,

I know i've been MIA for so many months. Its actually crazy how long i've been gone. I'm genuinely sorry guys, I just had to take a much needed break. From everything! You know, sometimes you just feel like that. But i'm back and it can only get better from here.

I recently decided to invest in a good quality full coverage foundation for oily skin. I ended up getting a tester for the Estee Lauder doublewear foundation in Mahogany thanks to all the reviews i had watched on youtube. The Estee Lauder foundation was everything the reviews on Youtube claimed and i loved it but on a random browse online i discovered Stila cosmetics and purchased their Stay All Day foundation and concealer. 

One of the main reasons i purchased it was due to curiosity of course and i also loved the fact it came with concealer as well. The packaging is so beautiful and it even comes with an application brush! How amazing is that? The way the concealer is incorporated into the cover of the foundation lid is pure genius. I apply it with a beauty blender and it is in fact a full coverage foundation. The consistency is very thick as well. Its not a runny liquid foundation which causes so much waste because you always pour way too much than you actually need. Due to its thick consistency it comes with a spoon-like object attached to the cover. You can call if a spatula if you like and it helps with getting out the foundation from the bottle.

BOOTS STOCK NYX!!!! If you haven't heard then i don't know what planet you've been on. I've never tried any Nyx products so i got myself their Gotcha Covered Concealer as i'd run out of my usual one. i use it for generally concealing my dark spots, highlighting and for my brows of course and this is where the concealer on the Stila foundation comes in handy. Seeing as its the closest concealer shade i use for the upper part of my brows so i can blend it with no hussle. No one finds brows with unblended concealer all around it attractive. Ew.

Last but not least, Y'all know i've always been a fan of H&M makeup. Even before they upgraded it. I usually go for lip products and they do the job. My favourite is Desert Rose and i've used that almost everyday since i purchased it. All i have to say about H&M makeup products is don't knock it till you try it.


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