1 April 2015

*inserts song that reminds you of going on holiday*

Bikini - INO
Flash tattoos - River Island 
Sliders/Sandals - Primark 

I know I've been M.I.A recently but guys, I have a story to share with you.
I'm always that person who likes something, wants it but never buys it because I haven't convinced myself if I 100% want it. So,I was in TK Maxx and usual, they have the most amazing deals. People always ask me how I find these deals. Patience guys, patience!

I came across this beautiful bikini by INO this is their website http://inogottexinnovation.com/en/campaign/2014 and it's from their 2014 collection. I fell in love with it!! The colours are so beautiful and I love the little details which make it so different.
I basically decided that I wasn't in love with it so I took a picture and went home thinking about it. This is the mistake we all make!!!! I took a risk guys. Imagine if it wasn't there when I actually made up my mind I definitely wanted it?

I'm so glad it was and i'm so happy I own it.
Anyway, I know most of you will be going on holiday sooner or later on. This is just a little inspiration for you.xx



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