18 April 2015

DIY : Body harness

I've been seeing so many hand made body harnesses on Depop. I decided it would cost me less to make some myself one as I already had left over elastic from previous projects.

To be honest it did cost me less to make it, money and time wise. It took me about an hour so thanks to selfies and snacks inbetween stitches aha.
Overall it did turn out amazing and I only experienced minor mistakes which is great.

I decided to share how I made it and i hope these steps are easy to understand because it's probably one of the easiest accessories to make.
Don't be scared to try it yourself. Good luck.
Things you would need:
●Sewing Machine (optional)
●Hook and eye
●Tape measure (optional)

Measure your neck with a tape measure or just put your elastic around your neck and cut the desired length. Make sure you leave some extra elastic on both ends.
Fold elastic in half and mark with a chalk or pin. This is where you will attach the middle part to.

Fold each end of elastic at about 1 inch or depending on how tight or loose you want it to be.
Secure with a pin and stitch with a sewing machine or needle.
As seen below, I stitched mine with a sewing machine and used a zigzag stitch to make sure it's secure.

Grab your hook and eye and thread your needle and proceed to stitch it into the ends of the elastic. Make sure you go over it so many times to make it very secure.
This is the part that's going around your neck. I'll call it the choker.

After the choker has been made, measure the length from your throat to the middle of your chest or your under boob lol.
Cut the elastic and pin it unto the choker and around the ring.
Make sure you pin everything and try it on as you go along so you don't make any irreversible mistakes.

Use the zigzag stitch if you're using a sewing machine and make sure you go over it a few times to keep it secure. You don't want it to stretch and rip.

After all has been securely stitched, measure the length of your waist and cut in half. Make sure you leave some excess elastic too.
Pin it around the ring and stitch with the zigzag stitch or hand stitch over and over again if you're using a needle.


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