8 March 2015

Purchase : 1970s Petri FT II Camera

I purchased these beautiful items from The Grand Vintage Fair in St. Albans. I know nothing about DSLR's or SLR or lenses. Absolutely nothing but this beauty stole my heart. It's from the 1970's and made in Japan yes. I did my research and there's so much more I can say about it but it's probably irrelevant to most of you.

I'm not exactly sure if it works, even if I did I won't know how to use it. It also came with unused film! Bonus! And look at the case it comes with!!!! I doubt new cameras come with full armour these days haha.

I made up my mind to buy it even before I asked how much it was and I was shocked!!!!! I literally had to repeat it like "Did you say £5?" I don't know where to display or hang it yet though. So happy to be the owner of it.

Now the second items I purchased, I actually own a vintage iron and it's the size of my palm and it's powered by electricity like the ones we own today. What made me pick these irons up was that they weren't like the one I own. These are powered by coal. Burning coal of course. Where on earth will you find that? Ok maybe Ebay. But what are the odds.

I picked one up and it was £10 but he suggested I take both and pay £12. So I did! Couldn't resist lol. I think I'm going to make collecting irons my new hobby now


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