2 January 2015

Current favourites for January: Beauty & Hair edition

Dark and Lovely Ultra Cholesterol - Boots 
Argan oil hair treatment with moroccan argan oil extract - Asda
MAC Pro longwear concealer (Nw50) - MAC 
Velvet Touch lipstick  (Twilight, 171) - GOSH

First of all, Happy new year everyone!!!! I hope your year has started great and I pray this year brings you and everyone you love success and happiness.

I'm currently sitting here with African Black soap so tight on my face I can't even smile while watching the Dark Knight played by Martin Lawrence and as I write this post i remember thinking I could never ever be a blogger, but look what happened in 2014. Finally getting used to it and there's much more to come in 2015. I promise.

Ok here we go, this is for all my natural hair sisters AND brothers. Yes. I know y'all exist.
I saw the Dark and Lovely Ultra Cholestrol in Boots yes Boots! It took me back to when I used to have relaxed hair and whenever I conditioned with it my hair got so thick and full. I loved it and i had to pick it up.

The second product for naturalista's is the Argan oil hair treatment with moroccan argan oil extract. I've heard so many good things about Argan oil but I've always been an Olive Oil girl aha. Guy you won't believe how much this is. I'm not sure if this goes on in every Asda supermarket but the one in Hertfordshire has an aisle where everything is £1 yes £1!!!! I walked past it and saw the Argan Oil products. And again, I couldn't resist the temptation.

So I've used these two products together, well not together. After eachother I mean. I deep conditioned with the Dark and Lovely Ultra Cholestrol and then used the Argan oil for a hot oil treatment. I'm sure you have but just incase you haven't heard of this yet, it's when you apply the oil to your hair or scalp and put on a shower cap or bonet to trap in the heat to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair, reduce frizz, add shine and promote long healthy hair.
Guy's, this is £1! Run to your nearest Asda and stock up because i researched prices for Argan oil and they range from £5.99 to £25.50! I just couldn't keep this to myself.

As you know, or might not know, I have severe oily skin and i'm constantly searching to beauty products that control my oily skin. I came across reviews on the Mac pro longwear foundation and concealer. I watched so many youtube videos on this product and after a month or so I made my mind to purchase it.

Then I encountered my first problem, I didn't know what shade to get. Every darkskin gets the Nw45 but I decided to risk it and get it in Nw47 but guess what?  Second problem; Mac doesn't make the pro longwear foundation in Nw47 or maybe I just couldn't seem to find it. I don't know.
I wanted this product so bad then I came across another youtube video by Chloe Kitembo INTRODUCTION CHLOE KITEMBO + FOUNDATION ROUTINE: http://youtu.be/ssTaPdjG56M and she used the pro longwear concealer in Nw50.

I placed my order minutes after watching that video. Nw50 is much darker than it looks in the pictures and it looked like my exact skin colour but I know this Mac product oxidises so I have to use my Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder - Chestnut to make it look better. And I won't lie ,it does do its job and you don't even need a lot of pumps to cover your entire face.

Sorry I've been going on and on I'll just end with this A/W beauty staple : The One and Only Dark Lippie.
As usual, I never find what i'm looking for, I needed some dark lipsticks for this season and I came across this Gosh lipstick which was the perfect shade/colour but it wasn't matte which sucks. I still love it anyway and I cannot stop wearing it!

Sorry again for the information overload.


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InĂªs de Castro said...

I've just found your blog and I think it's really inspiring, it will be an honor for me if you can visit mine too, and if you want to follow, it will be a pleasure to follow you back! :) <3

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