22 December 2014

Body Jewellery Shop

Pearl stud earrings (white)

Jewelled Heart Clear Stud Earrings

Silver and Steel Circular Dragon Barbell

Hi guys!!! I'm so excited about this post. Even more excited about wearing these beautiful jewellery pieces.
I'm not entirely sure if you guys know this but I currently have 8 piercings. Used to have 9 but I had to take it out  (sternum/cleavage piercing). If you're a fun of piercings like me then you'll absolutely love what i'm about to share with you.

You ready???
Ok here it goes, these beautiful pieces are from Body Jewellery Shop. They have a variety of jewellery from ear piercing  jewellery products to other body modification jewellery. Basically body jewellery like belly button bars and even ear stretching jewellery! How amazing is that?.

Pearls are so on trend at the moment and every woman should own a pair of pearl earrings or studs! They're so chic and add a nice touch to outfits and how could I say no to the unique dragon circular barbell. It's absolutely beautiful and not only can I wear it on my ears, I could also use it as a belly button ring. Yup. Killed two birds with one stone aha.

If you're looking for last minute affordable Christmas presents for a friend or family member who loves piercings just as much as I do just head on to their website and have a look at their amazing variety of ear piercing and body jewellery.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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