16 December 2014

How to : get rid of scars caused by piercings

I wish I knew this before and after my piercing. That's why i want to share this.
So I did some research on home or natural remedies for getting rid of scars. I came across a whole lot and I tried a whole lot. All these didn't work. 
Then I found out about Vitamin E oil. I purchased mine from Tesco I believe, and it comes in capsules so you have to cut the capsule to get the oil out.
I used it for a short while and saw no changes so I gave up on trying to get rid of this scar.

This scar was from a cleavage or sternum piercing. It was a surface piercing and i'm guessing my body rejected it so I ended up taking it out completely. I had it for less than 6 months probably. It was one of my favourite piercings ever and I'll probably get it done again but I'm done with surface piercings. I think i want to try micro dermals now.

Anyway, I recently found the Vitamin E container lying about and decided to try again. This time I decided to use it religiously every night before bed.
Can I just saying, the oil is very sticky and thick and it looks like it could probably stain clothes as well.

After using the oil for a short while I noticed that the size of the scar minimised! I can't tell you how shocked I was. Because this was the same product I tried before and this time I had no expectations for it.I'm definitely going to continue using it until it's all gone.

●This is my personal experience with Vitamin E oil. It might not work for you like it did for me.


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