29 December 2014

Hair update : Bantu knots

Pearl and heart stud - Body Jewellery Shop
Hoop - H&m 
Ear cuff - River Island 
Dragon circular barbell - Body Jewellery Shop 
Turtleneck - River Island 

Hey guys, I hope your Christmas was great. I didn't get what I wanted ( a brown/grey rabbit) but it's cool lol. I'm over it.
I know this is not exactly how my pictures look all the time but I'm experimenting and trying new things to make it unique.

This post is supposed to be about my bantu knots but I'm very sure I'll deviate from the subject.
For all my natural men and women, please don't make the same mistake like i did. The mistake that is going out in 1 degree Celsius weather with bantu knots. I mean I could feel every single breeze in my scalp. It was horrbile. Never again!!!

I've run out of most of my hair products so i co-washed it and all I used this time was shea butter and Aussie leave in conditioner. I intend to release the knots soon because I refuse to go out in this weather with this hair.

In other news, I've decided to stretch my ears. I don't know how I exactly feel about it but I'm going to give it a go. The standard ear piercing is 20 or 18 gauge. Mine was 20 gauge. Yes "was". It's now 14 gauge. 3 sizes bigger. The lower the gauge the wider the hole.

My aim is to get to about to 8 or 6 gauge. Nothing crazy. Can I just say, my ear has been aching for 2 days straight. I don't know how people go through this. But it's worth it. I'm excited and I'll definitely be sharing updates.




Millie deacon said...

I am in love with this 90's hairstyle! i definitely could not pull it off. You are absolutely gorgeous.



Marie La-Anyane said...

Thank you so much.x

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