10 November 2014

50 shades of Blue

Hat - River Island
Earrings - Topshop 
Turtleneck - Asos
Jeans - River Island 
Coat - Depop 

Hi guys!!! I've been waiting for so long to wear this beautiful turtleneck. Not only is the colour beautiful but the fabric manipulation makes it even more unique.

I love how there's so many shades of blue in this outfit and I kept up with the bright colours and added a bright lipstick as well then paired it with my beige leather coat. This is probably the most prepared I've been for this weather. I'm not taking any chances this year .

About my boots, believe it or not I've had it since u was about 12. I can't even believe I'm still the same shoe size. I think it's genuine leather tho and I doubt I'm going to stop wearing it anytime soon. I haven't seen any heeled boots like it recently and the zips on the side give it a nice touch.

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