28 September 2014

Twist Out / Puffy Bun

Okay, so this is one of the hairstyles I usually do. I decided to just co wash my hair but realised I had ran out of conditioner so I shampoo washed it instead. I towel dried it for a bit but made sure I left it a bit dump as all natural hair sisters AND brothers know "Water Is Your Best friend". I then used my home made hair cream, leave in conditioner and Eco styler gel. I went ahead to part my hair, brush it out and start twisting.You can twist any size you prefer ,I usually have really tiny twists to get a super defined twist out but had very little time to do so on this occasion. Allow to air dry then separate twists with olive oil or Shea butter then style however you want. Use bobby pins or hair bands for extra support and this is the part where I use hair spray to keep my twist out intact so it can last longer than usual.

Aussie Miracle Recharge Shine Leave in Conditioning Spray
Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo
Eco Styler Olive oil gel
Shea butter & Olive oil hair cream I made myself
Palmers Olive Oil Formula Super Control Gel
Aussie Dual Personality Volume and Gloss Hairspray


Emilia Luyi said...

Your twists are perfect! I wish my hair was long enough to do this :(

Emmy Lu,

Marie La-Anyane said...

Arww thank you. And patience. Being natural takes patience so don't worry, you'll get there

STAR Esther said...

love your hair

Marie La-Anyane said...

Thank you :)

K.C said...

I love your hair and your style is fire!!

onacruz blog

Marie La-Anyane said...

Thank you so much

Theano L. said...

wonderful blog my dear!! im following you via bloglovin! hop to visit my blog and follow me too!


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