25 September 2014

Three Stripes

Top - Vintage Adidas
Leather Leggings - River Island
Bag - Vintage
Socks - Adidas
Platform Boots - Bebo
Rings - H&M
Bracelet - Made by me

You guys already know about my slight obsession with Adidas. No one can understand the levels of excitement I reached when I found the vintage Adidas jersey I already owned in another colour!!!!! I just couldn't believe my luck that day. It was a bigger size but I just didn't care! I wanted to own it. So I did. Ha.Thank God for Depop.

The colour scheme works so well together and I couldn't wait to wear them with my white platforms from Bebo but the weather had other plans so I had to add my leather leggings to the equation. I wasn't trynna freeze to death in Oxford Street. 

My platforms from Bebo are probably the only ones I'll wear often because the ones I own tend to hurt my feet and it takes so much energy just to lift my leg up. Like I get the whole idea of platforms but companies need to put a lot of research into their products. You can tell the Bebo platforms are hollow and possibly plastic which makes it easier to lift your leg up and walk in.


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