7 July 2014

Beige Love

Adidas - Jersey
Depop - Coat
H&M - Embellished Acid Wash Jeans
Adidas - Trainers
TK Maxx - Socks
Topshop - Bag

This little town brings back so many memories. Bad ones. but it's made me realize how far I've come in life and the thing's I've achieved so far. OK so my mum forced me to go shopping with her and I had just 20mins to put this together.
I wore my current favourite!!! Vintage Adidas football shirt with acid wash jeans with a few embellishments. My Adidas trainers of course!! Threw on the beige men's leather coat I purchased from depop and my bag from topshop.
I hardly put any thought in what I wear and how I wear it but that kind of weather definitely needed some pop of colour!



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